Company Milestones

November, 13 09

July 2008:
Brighter Ideas, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Paul D. Burns, consulting CEO

June 2008:
Patent Application approved for “Three-Phase Partitioning Method for Purifying a Protein” (previously called “Method for Isolating Horseradish Peroxidase”)

February 2008:
Patent for “Apparatuses and Methods for Determining Protease Activity” officially issued

January 2008:
Acquisition of a major wholesale contract for antibodies to native GFP (approved Sept 2007, contract to begin Jan 1, 2008)

November 2003:
Brighter Ideas, Inc. incorporated in the state of New Jersey as an S-Corp

Bii-BioAnalytics Collaboration

August, 20 09

The BioAnalytics Group and Brighter Ideas, Inc. Sign Collaboration Agreement.
Download the Bii-BioAnalytics Collaboration PDF here.

The Lipman Log

April, 18 09

April 2009

Article by WILLIAM W. WARD, PhD

Reflections on the GFP Nobel Prize

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GFP Nobel Prize

April, 17 09

Info for the Public
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April, 16 09

ASP News – Winter 2008-09

January, 20 09

Article by WILLIAM W. WARD, PhD – “A Victory for Basic Research”
Download the PDF here.

Reflections on the GFP Nobel “Buzz”

October, 8 08

Biotech’s Glowing Breakthrough Wins Nobel Prize Read the article on the awarding of the Nobel Prize for GFP “William Ward, a professor at Rutgers University, had spent a decade becoming one of the world’s experts on GFP and the Aequoria jellyfish”. Matthew Herper, 10-08-08

Dr. Bill Ward, founder and president of Brighter Ideas, and world expert in bioluminescence, has devoted 35 years pursuing basic research on GFP. His work, and that of a score of other biochemists, has provided the groundwork upon which the Nobel prize winning research is based.

Download PDF here.